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Tips for viewing open homes

Here we have put together some crucial tips for viewing open homes. To have a look what properties are open in the area you are looking head to and follow the instructions in the video.

Investigating a property further

Prior to making an offer, investigating a property in depth may save you money when it comes time to negotiate with the agent. Check out our following pointers in this video and hopefully it can save you some time, money and headaches.

A great website to check how long a home has been on the market is “Get house date” See the button below.

Be sure to ask the agent as many questions as possible to determine if there is any room to move on price. See some example questions on our resources page. See the button below.

Filling in the contract of sale

Knowing how to fill in a contract of sale at home can be very beneficial. It will take away the face to face confrontation with the real estate agent where ultimately they will try to get you to pay more once you are in their office sitting down with the contract in front of you.

Always be sure to have your conveyancer have a look at the contract before you submit it.

Please note: We are aware the camera had issues with focusing so we will be re-filming this entire video in the next 7 days.

What to do when your offer is accepted


Getting pre-approved prior to viewing open homes will put you in the best possible position to jump on a good deal when you find one.

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