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Online Tools

Mortgage Calculator 

Here is a link to a basic mortgage repayment calculator to help you get a rough idea as to what it would cost to get a mortgage for a home. Click the button below!

Stamp Duty Calculator 

Here is a link to a basic stamp duty calculator to help you get a rough idea as to what it would stamp duty would cost for your home. Click the button below!

School Zones

This website is a great tool for finding out if a home you are looking at falls in a desired school zone. whether you are looking to send your kids to a great school or just secure a home in a highly sought after location. Click the button below!


This website is more in depth than Land Checker and represents a great tool for in depth research however the navigation controls are a little less user friendly. Click the button below!

Google Maps

This is a staple for all home buyers. Use Maps to find how close local amenities are from the property. Click the button below!

Get House Date

This is a basic website to find out how long a home has been on the market. Just grab the URL from and paste it into this websites search bar. Click the button below!

Land Checker

A great website for investors looking at researching current property zoning. This website also has a fantastic satellite area measurement tool that you can measure the size of a home before viewing it in person. Click the button below!

Questions for Agent

How long has the home been on the market?

Cross check with and establish if the home has been sitting around on the market for a while.

Why are the owners selling?

Try to establish if it is a desperate sale. You may get a better price.

How old is the property?

If the home is older than 7 years we always recommend getting an independent Building and pest inspector to have a look at the home for you. The report the inspector will give you may uncover some hidden points that could allow you to negotiate a bit on the price.

Are all the appliances in good working order?

If something is not working, be cheeky. Work out how much it would cost to replace. i.e. a new dishwasher would cost around $500 for a cheap model. Try knocking off $2000 on the price stating your reason for doing so. This will make the vendors less likely to question the lower offer.

Does the property have any body corporate fees?

Body Corporate fees will add to the running cost of a home. They generally go towards paying insurance for common spaces like shared driveways. Some new housing estates will have a body corporate to pay for ongoing landscaping etc.

When was the last time the home was restumped?

This question is only applicable to  homes not on a concrete slab. If the floor inside the home is uneven it may need reblocking or restumping. Reblocking is not too expensive but a complete restump can set you back upwards of $10,000 this is certainly something to consider when making an offer.

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